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Recreation Pontoon Boats for Sale in Lake Madison: Landau Recreation Pontoon Boat Dealer

At Sodak’s Marina, we are a locally owned and family operated dealership of Landau luxury, recreation, and value pontoon boats to boating enthusiasts in Lake Madison. A Landau pontoon boat is defined by its strength, comfortable upholstery, durable UV resistant construction, and quality craftsmanship. With two decades of experience guiding our way, we are known for our customer service, remarkable marine knowledge, and meticulous attention to detail. To browse and experience the features of a Landau recreation pontoon boat, visit our recreation pontoon boats dealer in Lake Madison today

Why Choose a Landau Recreation Pontoon Boat in Lake Madison?

A Landau recreation pontoon boat offers handcrafted seating, spacious changing rooms, additional space, and the appropriate balance of cushioning for support and comfort. With Landau pontoon’s logs being ‘U’ shaped for a smooth, swift ride, these new recreation pontoon boats for sale are ideal for meeting your unique needs. From cruising to skiing in Lake Madison, our recreation pontoon boats offer great value for money and are built with custom hand stitched upholstery that are incorporated with abrasion, mildew, stain resistance properties, and UV protection elements.

Pick Our Dealership in Lake Madison to Buy New Recreation Pontoon Boats for Sale

Fitted with Infinity™ vinyl flooring, underdeck protection system, chrome lighting, three chaise lounges, fiberglass console with padded top and windscreen, and exceptional performance, Landau recreation pontoon boats cut through rough water in Lake Madison with minimal resistance. With your satisfaction and convenience being our main priority, you can trust our team in Lake Madison to pick and choose an ideal pontoon boat for you and your family.

Bring Home Used Recreation Pontoon Boats for Sale in Lake Madison

A used Landau boat is a wise investment, as you get to retain the performance and safety capabilities of a new boat at a reduced price. With budget being a major constraint for clients in Lake Madison, our pre-owned Landau recreation pontoon boats are thoroughly inspected according to our high mechanical and appearance standards. Known to be leading manufacturers in the boating industry, each Landau pontoon boat represents attention to craft and a personal touch. To experience custom, smart, features in a pontoon boat, buy a Landau recreation pontoon boat in Lake Madison today!

Lake Madison's Leading Family Owned & Operated Boat Dealer

At Sodak’s Marina, we are constantly striving to be the best boat dealer for Lake Madison — not the biggest. We are proud to have teamed up with some of the top boat companies in the market whose values that align with our own. Quality workmanship and excellent customer service matter most to our team. When you buy from us, you are always treated like family.

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