Sodaks Marina will be closed for Thanksgiving Break November 18th-27th. Have a wonderful holiday!

Sodaks Marina will be closed for Thanksgiving Break November 18th-27th. Have a wonderful holiday!

Boat Summerization in Lake Madison: Summerize Your Boat & Get It Ready for Summer Boating

Our family at Sodak’s Marina always gets overexcited when summer is on the horizon. We know the importance and responsibility of boat ownership, and this is why we’re here to properly take care of your boat. In order to face the summer waters the right way — your boat needs to be summerized. It is one of the most important parts of maintaining the engine, and it eases your boat’s transition out of winter storage. Come to Sodak’s Marina and use our boat summerization services and even grab some accessories to stay cool this summer.

Make Summerization as Easy as a Summer breeze

Don’t take a chance on your first outing without Sodak’s Marina. The winter months can be brutal on your boat, and summerizing it has a wide range of benefits. Our summerizing service gets you ready for the season by guaranteeing your internal mechanisms are operating properly, which ensures your safety and security. There isn’t a universal summerizing procedure, but our highly qualified technicians have the experience and work ethic you can trust to meet your boating needs.

Prepare for Your Summer With Our Summerizing Service

Our full summerizing service will go through your boat inside and out — making it ready to take in the summer rays. In the inspection, we check the charge in the boat’s battery, change the oil, test the electrical system, and look over the vulnerable fuel lines. Sodak’s Marina has the service and benefits you can trust, with industry experts and personal care. Summerizing has everything covered, from the internal systems to the boat’s safety equipment, which means smooth sailing for you.

Lake Madison's Leading Family Owned & Operated Boat Dealer

At Sodak’s Marina, we are constantly striving to be the best boat dealer for Lake Madison — not the biggest. We are proud to have teamed up with some of the top boat companies in the market whose values that align with our own. Quality workmanship and excellent customer service matter most to our team. When you buy from us, you are always treated like family.

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